Musical Research Works


1) "La Historia de la Guitarra a través de su Metodología"

Musical Research Book on Guitar from 2500 B.C. up to 2004 A. C. Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar and Electric Guitar. Analysis of Treatises, Dictionaries, Conversations, Travels, Poems, Scores, Articles, Curiosities. Madrid 2001. 1000 Pages.


2) "Seis Pavanas de Milan" Buy Sheet Music

Musical Research Book on Milan's Six Pavannes. Historic, Political and Economical analysis at that Epoch as well as Embellisments and Gloses are Available ( Following Treatises from XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries ). Musical Situation and Contemporary Musicians. Recording and Transcription Available as well.


3) "Tres Libros de Música by Alonso Mudarra"

Musical Research Book on "Tres Libros de Música" by Alonso Mudarra. Original Works and Transcriptions of well-known Works for Vihuela. Musical Genres. Embellishments. His own Musical Notation. Polyphonic Concept of the Era. Compendium of Parts for Vihuela and Voice. Plucked Style. Recording and Transcription Available as well.

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