Photo 1 Studio Photo

Photo 2 Concert in Copenhaguen, Denmark

Photo 3 Concert in Iasi, Moldavia

Photo 4 Concert at The Bistrita Philarmonia, Rumania. Radio broadcasting

Photo 5 Concert in Turkey

Photo 6 With Ahmet Kanneci in Ankara, Turkey

Photo 7 In the garden of " El Capricho," Madrid

Photo 8 Peperez's mansion in Roma, Italy

Photo 9 Travelling through Spain

Photo 10 With two colleagues in Lublin, Poland

Photo 11 Concert in Madrid

Photo 12 Signature for a fan in Hungary

Photo 13 Cluj-Napoca Students Residence , Rumania

Photo 14 Tour through Poland with the flamencas María y Maruja Albarrán and the flautist Fernando Bravo

Photo 15 Alberto's studio in Perpignan, France

Photo 16 After playing one concert

Photo 17 Atacama desert, Chile

Photo 18 Nicolae Ceausescu's palace in Bucarest, Rumania

Photo 19 Concert in a Spanish church

Photo 20 Giving a Master Class, Portugal

Photo 21 Concert in Copenhaguen, sponsored by SGAE

Photo 22 Concert at the Cluj-Napoca Philarmonia, Rumania. Radio broadcasting

Photo 23 Alberto's studio in Madrid

Photo 24 Concert at the Palacio Museo Cerralbo, Madrid. Spain

Photo 25 Travelling through India

Photo 26 In Central Park, New York

Photo 27 In Liverpool, England

Photo 28 Classical Guitar, Concert at Frankston Arts Centre, Australia

Photo 29 Electric Guitar, Concert at Frankston Arts Centre, Australia

Photo 30 Alberto's studio in Box Hill, Australia

Photo 31 On tour through Australia with Ron Payne

Photo 32 Recording at Magneto Belle Studios, Melbourne

Photo 33 At his studio in Avilés, Spain

Photo 34 Concert in an English church, London

Photo 35 Concert at the English Martyrs Church, London

Photo 36 Back stage, before the show, at Dance Attic Studio, London

Photo 37 Alberto's studio in Portobello, London

Photo 38 At home, Cudillero-Spain

Photo 39 Alberto's studio in Cudillero, Spain

Photo 40 Alberto's studio in Casablanca, Morocco.

Photo 41 With Emilio "El Marismeño" for Factor X, TV.

Photo 42 Shooting "Las Joyas de la Corona", TV.

Photo 43 At Home.

Photo 44 With friends after a concert in Lavapiés, Madrid.

Photo 45 Giving a Lecture at Víctor Espinós Library, Madrid 2018.

Photo 46 Unplugged at the venue Diodón, Alcorcón, Madrid 2018.

Photo 47 Playing with Zinkin Prim at the venue Excálibur, Alcorcón, Madrid 2018.

Photo 48 Giving a Concert at Manglar Venue, Oviedo, Spain 2018.

Photo 49 With the Rock Band "Becuadro" (Jose el Vasco, Alberto, Mario y Juan). Avilés, Spain 1986.

Photo 50 First EP "La Plaza de los Cubos" with the Rock Band "Visto y no Visto" (Jose, Jorge, Eloy, Alberto y Mecos). Madrid 1990.

Photo 51 With Barry Harris, Jazz Legend, at VOCA Hub Club, Madrid 2018.

Photo 52 With Duke in Avilés, Spain 1991.

Foto 53 With Nacho Fernández, Jose Luis Pardo and Professeur Mercury after his Masterclass at SGAE Foundation, Madrid 2019.

Photo 54 At the Maestro Joaquín Rodrigo's House, Madrid 2020.

Photo 55 "El Brujo & Al Pérez" Collaboration 2021.

Photo 56 "Julio Armada & Al Pérez" Collaboration 2021.

Photo 57 At Leganés, Madrid 2021.

Photo 58 At Leganés, Madrid 2021.

Photo 59 Tour Astur, Spain 2021.

Photo 60 Partner Certificate of The World Guitar Day, 2021.

Photo 61 First Dates. Channel 4 TV. Spain 2022.

Photo 62 Concert at ACCTUA - La Casita, Leganés. Spain, 2022.

Photo 63 Giving a Master Class at "Oficina del Secretariado Gitano" - Carabanchel, Madrid, Spain, 2022.

Photo 64 Giving a Master Class at Primary School "Santa María"- Madrid, Spain, 2022.

Photo 65 Sharing the POSTER with other artists for the presentation of Professor Mercury's New Book at SGAE. Madrid, Spain, 2023.

Photo 66 Poster for Concerts at "Feria Esotérica de Madrid", Spain , 2023.

Photo 67 y Photo 67 bis Playing with Luis Lara, Andalusian Rock Band Alhambra at Torreperogil, Jaen, Spain, April 2023.

Photo 68 With Miguel de Alonso, "International Legend of Lyrical Singing". Casa de Burgos in Madrid, Spain, May 2023.

Photo 69 On Set, Before Recording the Flamenco Show for the Television Production "La Favorita 1922". Leganés - Madrid, Spain, April 2024.