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Alberto Pérez is a different guitarist as he understands life in a very high and original level. As a result, his talent is completely palpable inside both his own music and guitar performings.

Alberto's analytic brain and deep heart make him be so versatile and diverse guitarist that he get used to be in loneliness just to find his space and intimacy. The most important is not what is on around but what he really wants to do.

Alberto uses his energy and experience to showcase his feelings in each concert he plays around the world.

Libraries, travels and conversations are a nice point to start elaborating whatever he wants: a new composition, research on early music, Bach, romantic music, electric guitar...

Mr. Pérez Fernández was born in Avilés in 1967, ( Asturias ) Spain. It is here where he starts studying Spanish guitar at age of ten. Later on, he moves to Madrid where continues studing with Miguel Angel Jiménez Arnaiz at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid. He hold a Diploma in Guitar Teaching at Superior Level (Bachelor of Music-Guitar). He has got the Highest-Grade School Marks.

Additionally, he worked at the C.D.M.C. Centro de Difusión de la Música Contemporánea in Madrid, where he developed his own work, " La pasión de Cervantes ". Similarly, he worked in France on his composition for electroacoustic music" La chiflada de Perpignan " His accomplishments as a composer were recognized when he took the second prize for Symphonic Band at the International competition Ciudad de la Coruña'95. He has composed over sixty works for solo guitar, chamber music and other instruments. That is why he has compilated a large number of works in his own catalogue of compositions.

Anyway he does not like competitions...

During the academic years 1995 - 1999 he was awarded scholarship from Dirección General de Relaciones Culturales y Científicas del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España to study for a postgraduations degree with internationally acclaimed guitarists as Ahmet Kanneci, Ingolf Olsen and Francisco Ortiz, and the composer Dan Voiculescu as well, who dedicated Alberto his work for guitar " Meditatea ", being the first piece written for guitar in Rumania. It is also in this country where Alberto meets Stephan Ruha, internationally acclaimed violinist, who said up to seven times Bravo when listened to the Bach's Chacona on Alberto's guitar.

This scholarship allowed him to study at Hacettepe Universitesi Devlet Konservatuvari in Ankara, Turquía, Gheorghe Dima Music academy in Cluj Napoca, Romania, Royal Danish Conservatoire of Copenhaguen, Denmark and National Conservatoire of Perpignan in France where he won The Premier Prix d'Excellence.

During the same time he carried out electric guitar studies in the " Taller de Músicos de Jazz de Madrid " with professors such as: Antonio Chacón, Pedro Ojesto and Antonio Sanz, ethnic Jazz in Turkey, combo and big band with Stefan Vannai in Romania, Jazz guitar with Serge Lazarevitch in France and Blues guitar with Fill Poulsen in Denmark. Additionally, he has got much valuable technic in others styles such as Heavy Metal, Funk, Bossa, Latino...

He usually collaborates with some famous song writers by composing music for their lyrics; for instance Juan Mari Montes.

Through these countries, Alberto has made several tournées playing à solo or with his teachers.

It is in Turkey when Alberto started being interested in early music. Over the next years, he developed an incredible own style by making glosas, rasgueos and embellishments. Especially, when he met Francisco Ortiz in France. We could find some exemples in the Romanesca by Mudarra 1546, Six pavanes by Luys Milan 1535, Suite II by Santiago de Murcia 1714, Pasacalles I, II by Francisco Guerau 1694, Aria di Fiorenza by Carlo Calvi 1646...

During years, Alberto has been making a vaste repertoire for classical guitar, embracing all the styles from XVI to XXI century. By way of example: he has recorded the four suites for lute and the chaconne by Bach and much more music by Vargas y Guzmán, Tárrega, Moreno Torroba, Giuliani ( integral from Le Papillon), Carcassi, Manuel María Ponce, Carulli, Sor, Villalobos, Haendel, Albert Pérez, Dan Voiculescu, Barrios Mangoré, Albéniz, Mudarra, Joaquín Rodrigo...

Grace to his travels, he has been enriched by different influences: Turkish, Indian, Tunisian, American, Australian and Romanian music, along with rock, pop, jazz, flamenco and other kinds of music.

Alberto Pérez Fernández has recorded 39 CDs from which the 75% is music for classical guitar and the rest for electric guitar and other formations. His abilities as a composer show what he really thinks in music by playing around the world his own works for solo guitar.

Alberto's music is deep, original and it walks out of any stream because Alberto believes himself. We can note some of his works for solo guitar: : " Ella" " Las palomas de Herluf Trollesgade en 1922 " " Preludio Fuga y Silva " "Todo lo que envejece dignamente" " Marcha fúnebre hasta el aliento de Dios " " En el Metro de Madrid "... Alberto has also gained much valuable teaching experience in the course of his studies.

He has taught in some Spanish music schools, Kensington and Chelsea College in London, Jean Sebastian music academy in France, Ankara University in Turkey as well as a large number of privated lessons, and I believe he has developed considerably as a teacher with the guidance of his colleagues there.

Moreover, he has given several master classes on guitar and its technic to compose through the world.

Alberto is elaborating his thesis Ph. on " La historia de la guitarra a través de su metodología " at the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid mainly since fifteen years ago. He has also been researching in other libraries such as The British Library, The New York Central Library and Victoria State Library (Australia).

In June 2004, Alberto has collaborated with the " Project Guerrero " playing with the Spanish National Choir at the Auditorio Nacional of Madrid with the conductor Lorenzo Ramos.

In January 2005 he recorded at Queco's studio ( Córdoba ) his own arrengements for electric guitar featuring the song "Brujería" for the famous girl group named " Son de Sol which represented Spain at Eurovision Festival 2005.

Critics says that Alberto's virtuosism is so fine and smooth that many times it can be marginal and public is not fully capable of understanding it.

Alberto has several issued books with some music publishers as for exemple: "Alpuerto,S.A. " " Arte tripharia." He has also given a large number of concerts in Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Turkey, South America, Portugal, Denmark, England, France, Spain, Romania, Australia...

He has had outstanding students from the politics, football's or diplomacy's world as for exemple: Mr. Abel Alonzo Arrindel, Minister of energy of Netherlands Antilles. Alberto usally makes a lot of collaborations with pop artists on tv as well as with producers such as Mr. José Luis de Carlos, ex-headmaster of Sony Musy in Spain.

In 2008, during 6 months, he has been awarded with a support from AECI ( Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional ) in order to travel and showcase the Spanish Music for Classical Guitar in Australia. He has been very welcome by local institutions, labels, publishers.... Living, researching, meeting a new culture and showcasing his music were the main goals at this time.

At this time, Alberto, gives a great deal of concerts and master classes nationawide and writes his work " Gran Sonata Australiana " inspired by this marvellous land. The original score manuscript was acquired by the State Library of Victoria, Australia. It has been catalogued for researches.

At " Magneto Belle Studios ", Melbourne, he recorded the most part of " Australian made ", one of his CDs, ( including " Gran Sonata Australiana " ) produced by Miles de Heaume, the rest was recorded at " El Palomar Studios".

Furthermore, he worked for the first Spanish guitar importer company in Australia, by recording and evaluating their huge guitar catalogue. He also played some duos with the well known guitar teacher Ron Payne and established a friendship relation with Dr. Chris Reynolds, director of the company, who helped him with his wrist troubles, along with organizing a beautiful concert and master class in Queensland.

Since August 2008 and during 10 months period he moves to Avilés, his born town. At his studio he gives extensively guitar tuition for many different guitar students. Additionally Alberto produces and records his CD n. 34 named " El Arte de Sentir " which includes works such as 10 études, I won't go away, Namashte o Mercado en Avilés. He has also composed the music for the film " El Cortejo del Guerrero " by prestige theater director José Rico.

He established his residence in London from July 2009 to December 2010, during this English period, Alberto performed classical guitar recitals in London and recorded his CD " Love in London " including his work " All my Pains " for classical guitar, " Wok " and " Kachake " for electric guitar, as well as " El éxtasis de las estatuas " for choir.

In addition, he continued working for renowned Australian guitar importer company " Eureka " touring round Spain in 2010 to evaluate Spanish guitar trade marks such as: Alhambra, Picado, Aguado, Perez, Estévez...

Alberto has taught guitar at " Kensington and Chelsea College " and private tuition at his studio in London.

He has continued researching on his thesis " La Historia de la Guitarra a través de su Metodología " at " The British Library " in London as well as " The Ashmolean Museum " in Oxford.

In 2011 he moves to Cudillero ( Asturias ) Spain, where he makes three CDs " Cuaderno de Espontáneas y Bucólicas " for classical guitar, " Un Lejano Universo" including " Gothica: Book of Spooks and Spectres " by Australian composer Phillip Houghton and " Lodo "including his work for choir " Pixueto Soy " as well as a review of his works "Hey Cara" and " Duque y Yo" written in Madrid between 1993-1995. He also played at Castropol Jazz Festival 2011 ( Spain ) with the Cuban percussionist Floren.

Likewise, in 2012 he worked again for " Eureka "touring round Madrid, Valencia and Londres to evaluate Spanish guitar trade marks such as: Paulino Bernabé.

During the same period of time Mr. Pérez gave conferences on " The Electric Guitar History" along with educational concerts for secondary schools. Mean time, kept up his private Guitar Tuition at his new studio.

In September 2013, he establishes in Morocco, former in Casablanca where he creates the LRM "Laboratoire de la Recherche Musicale" as well as the EIG "Escuela Internacional de Guitarra" later in Sidi Bouzid-El Jadida. He continues researching about arab organology especially on those instruments derived from the lute. Additionally, he performs concerts extensively and writes new compositions absorbing the essence from the arab makans.

Since February 2014, he makes his living in Madrid again. In 2017, organized by SGAE, he toured extensively in Prisons along with Cultural Centers within the Community of Madrid. In 2018, Al Pérez along with the pianist and composer Oscar MM creates the project "Nomada Experience" at EME Studios.

In 2019 he releases his albums on digital platforms: Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon.

In 2020 he starts broadcasting livestream concerts, conferences, masterclasses and was awarded with funding by Fundación SGAE to carry out his composition project "Lacriamae X".

In 2021 he introduces into house music guided by Julio Armada (Madrid) and El Brujo (Bologna, Italy) creating 3 albums "Energía el Sabio" "La vida es Así" and "Maquina". Likewise he starts giving courses on Focal Dystonia for guitarists. Since this same year, he has been conducting his course "La Guitarra Eléctrica como Instrumento de Concierto Culto" (The Electric Guitar as a Worshipful Concert Instrument) online all over the world for Foundations and Conservatoires such as Fundación SGAE.

In 2022 he works for 8 weeks as a music teacher at Secundary School Santo Angel de la Guarda, Chapinería, Spain and gives Master Classes for "Oficina del Secretariado Gitano" and Primary School "Santa María", Madrid. Meantime he continues releasing new albums such as "10 Études". In 2023 he works as a guitar teacher at Majadahonda Music School, Madrid.