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CD Thematic 1 Solo Bach. Bach's lute Music transcribed for guitar including the " Chacone."

CD Thematic 2 Obras Originales para Guitarra Solo. Original Contemporary Work for Classical Guitar.

CD Thematic 3 Jazz. Improvisations on Jazz Standars

CD Thematic 4 Amor de Mujer. Electroacustics Work.

CD Thematic 5 Le Papillon. 32-étude Integral Recording .

CD Thematic 6 Piensa Trabaja Lucha. Musical Research Work on Early Music, embellishments by the artist.

CD Thematic 7 Cuideiru Experience. Original Work Collection for Electric Guitar and Rock Band.

CD Thematic 8 Canciones Songs Chansons. Spanish, English and French song Collection.

CD Thematic 9 Guitare Electrique Solo. Original Work Collection for Electric Guitar Solo.

CD Thematic 10 Cuaderno de Espontáneas y Bucólicas. Original contemporary work for Classical Guitar.

CD Thematic 11 Joaquín Rodrigo in Memoriam (1901-1999). Joaquín Rodrigo's Guitar Catalogue Anthology

CDs and Deliveries

Would you like to buy a CD of the artist ? Watch Sample Video-Clip. Here, you will find CDs by sort of music.

You can also check the Original Recording Collection, that is exactly how it was made by the artist. Please, just follow the next steps:

1. Have a look at all recordings and write down the one/s you prefer.

2. Select from pull-down menu number of CDs and deliveries where they have to be sent to ( Spain, Europe or Rest of the World ). Maximum 3 CDs per delivery.

3. Click on " Add to cart " and make the payment following Paypal's instructions. Use your favourit credit cards or Paypal if you have one.

4. Sent an email to contact, quote the subject " CDs for sale " and write on the message your details ( name and family name, full address as well as CD's number and title. ) Very important.

5. Once payments have been received on bank account parcels will be sent on Mondays.



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